Andromeda Calf Weighing Unit


1. Portable
2. Wireless communication ( LoRa enabled for long-distance communication ) & SIM
3. Battery-powered for a minimum 60-day duration
4. Support Solar Connectivity
4. Accuracy – Less than 1% variance
5. Information availability – weight information provide within minutes of actual weight
measurement and multiple times per day (Calf drinking cycle is 13 per day).
[expand title=”Read More”]6. No significant time lag in comparison to other weight units.
7. No infrastructure build costs to hardwire poultry sheds t connect platforms.
8. Data can integrate with multiple existing systems via API connectivity.
9. Placed in a natural living environment – Implicate the activity levels
10. Easy to calibrate – 1 button to press on – takes only 5 seconds.
11. Stainless still product.
12. Come with different sizes: Small/ Medium/ Large
13. Multiple weigh methods: Static weight (Drinking area), Dynamic weight (Cow move
from A place to B).
14. Come with additional tags: RFID ear tags/ Internal Bolus tag.
15. Management Application included.
16. The unit comes with – Solar Panels & Stable power connection.[/expand]



Come with Climate sensors on top of it:

1. Temp.
2. Humidity.
3. Co2.
4. Lux (Light levels).
5. Air Pressure