Andromeda Robotics

Unlocking Possibilities in Connectivity and Innovation


PCB Design

PCB Design is a critical phase in electronic product development, enabling.

Prototypes (NPI)

The journey from concept to market-ready product is paved with iterative prototypes.

Wires & Connectors

Wires and connectors are the lifelines of electronic devices, forming the critical.

Embedded Software

Embedded soEware is the brain within your product, controlling its functions and features.

Sensors Production

We specialize in the production of high-precision sensors for a variety of applications.

DFM QA Medical Certification

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Quality Assurance (QA) are crucial for medical devices.

Mechanical Solutions

We offer custom mechanical design and engineering services to bring your visions


Controllers are the interface between users and machines. Our custom controller solutions

Welcome to Andromeda Robotics Ltd., your premier partner in cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. With decades of expertise in electronics, IoT cloud-based connectivity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we propel devices and organizations into a new era of efficiency and innovation.

At Andromeda Robotics, we specialize in transforming ordinary devices into intelligent, data-driven powerhouses. Whether you operate in Defense, Energy, Medical, or any other industry, our solutions redefine connectivity and performance.

Andromeda Vision

Navigate seamlessly through our comprehensive range of solutions designed for hardware analytics, IoT connectivity, and machine learning applications.

Empowering Your Devices, Enabling Your Success

Send real-time data

Measure and capture each second

Able to set and controlled from the cloud

Has AI Capabilities​

Can be positioned exactly where it’s needed, even in high density.

Easy to install & forget.

Designed to offer unprecedented battery life.

Works in the harshest of conditions.

Has an IP68 rating.

Able to operate over distances of up to 10km.

3D Radar - level meter 50

Cutting-edge radar reading technologies with AI capabilities. This allows the device to read any material (from moist to solid) in 3D at any silo level.

It can read and work in the harshest of conditions thanks to its pressure exploding unit.

It can read and work in the harshest of conditions thanks to its pressure exploding unit.


Head of Weight

Get critical information in real time.

The Andromeda head of weight is able to connect to any amount of cells using RS 485 connectivity.

Offers a direct analogue connection with 4 entry points.

an send and receive orders from the cloud to any application/platform program.


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