Poultry Weighing Unit


Wireless communication ( LoRa enabled for long distance communication )
Battery powered 60 day duration
Accuracy – Less than 1% variance
Information availability – weight information provide within minutes of actual weight measurement.
No significant time lag in comparison to other weight units.
No infrastructure build costs to hardwire poultry sheds t connect platforms.
Data can integrate with multiple existing systems via API connectivity.
Measure the number of Jumps – Implicate the activity levels
Easy to calibrate – 1 button to press on – takes only 5 seconds,
Stainless still product, Come with a silicon cover – easy to clean


Quantity Price
1 – 3 $ 800 per unit
4 – 11 $599 per unit
12 – $550 per unit

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Poultry Weighing Unit

Poultry Weighing Unit, Poultry Weighing Unit – 5 Built in Climate Sensors